City Budget Press Conference

Dan Wells
Dan Wells

By Dan Wells - email/bio

CINCINNATI (FOX19) -- As the City of Cincinnati continues to search for $4 million dollars to cut from its 2009 Budget, three members of Cincinnati City Council have now publically announced what their budget priorities are; no layoffs in the Cincinnati Police and Fire departments.

Dozens of people filled the front of Cincinnati City Hall around noon on Thursday to hear what elected officials say they "will and will not" vote for on-the-record, when council reconvenes in the fall.

Unions representing most city workers in Cincinnati have now rejected the city managers proposal for six-day furloughs; a move that would have filled the budget hole.

"The priorities have to be outlined a lot of the spending that happened on the same day the the cuts and furloughs passed was outrageous it was millions and millions of dollars,"  said Marc Monahan of the Firefighters Union.

"When I talk to folks they want their fire trucks there police cars and honestly they don't want a streetcar." says Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Monzel.

In a response from the City of Cincinnati and council members not at the press conference, this statement was issued:

The City Manager and the unions representing the City of Cincinnati's labor force are in the midst of intense negotiations. It is critically important the City Council support the administration's efforts to negotiate terms agreeable to all parties that will help close the remaining deficit for 2009, and the projected $40million deficit for 2010.

Any actions by members of council that undermine the administration and compromise the position of the City are unwelcome and counter-productive. Once the negotiations conclude, the City Manager will present his recommendations to the Council.

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