Michael Jackson memorial made in Richmond

Brad Underwood
Brad Underwood

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CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Just days after the world said goodbye to Michael Jackson, Gary, Ind. will say hello to an extraordinary tribute to the King of Pop.

A permanent memorial to Michael Jackson will be placed in his hometown of Gary, but it's being made in Richmond, Ind.

"We are so excited that we were chosen, and to be a part of Michael Jackson's memorial," said Andy Mendenhall of Stone Plans Monument.

The larger than life memorial of Jackson evolved for an idea by Stone Plans CEO and then produced in just 48 hours.

"We called the city of Gary and wanted us to go ahead with that as well as Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father," said Mendenhall.

Immediately production began at Stone Plans Monuments in Richmond. It's size alone catches the eye.

The four foot wide, eight foot tall back granite stone memorial weighs five thousand pounds. The front side displays Jackson name along with date of birth and death.  His famous mask and silhouette image of Jackson doing the moon walk.  The back side of the tribute is bordered with photos of Jackson throughout his career, a biography, and lyrics to his hit "Gone too Soon"The single of his album dangerous was written about Ryan White, an Indiana teen who died of aids in 1990.

All engraving on the monument is done by laser technology. The front side took 10 hours, while the back side was finished in 15 hours.

The memorial will travel to Gary to be displayed at Michael Jackson's memorial service in his hometown.

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