School prepare for H1N1-Virus

By Regina Russo - email/bio

As the United  States prepares for the winter flu season. Health Officials are beginning to realize the  most heavily effected age group are school agers, K-12th and young adult.

"And surprisingly those who've been able to fight off the virus better, those born before 1957,"According to Mary Sacoo of the Hamilton County Public Health Department.  Here's why.

" That people born before 1957 has had exposure to a similar virus, not this something similar."

Younger population no exposure so no immunity built up. The Health Department is in communication with  school districts on what their plans are for conrollling the disease . Until the vaccine is ready here is what they're strongly suggesting.

"Reinforced handwashing, coughing into tissue, if child is sick need to stay home, " says Sacoo.

Unitl symptom free for 24 hours, and for the flu that could be 7 to 10 days.
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