CPD Prepares for Layoffs

By Corey McConnell - email/bio

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - With the city of Cincinnati facing a 28 million dollar deficit the City Manager has made it clear that layoffs are coming.  Milton Dohoney says he will announce the layoff numbers on August 6th so in the meantime Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher is preparing.

"If we all share the burden its much lighter on everybody." Streicher says of the way he hopes to handle the cuts.  Right now, the layoff numbers for the Police Department are just rumors that anywhere between 100 and 400 officers might lose their jobs.  "Four hundred people is an impossible number," Streicher says "We might as well shut the doors turn out the lights at two stations."  But Streicher is preparing for restructuring if he does have to do so.  The Department is pulling out old organizational charts to see how the department functioned with fewer officers.  "How can we function if there's 50 less officers, how can we function if there's a 100 less officers, 150 less officers?".  Streicher says he's also looking into some serious cost saving measures.  The department will consider suspending 25 to 40% of the fleet, putting officers on foot or on segways for patrol.  They are also looking into installing solar panels on cruisers to save on battery power and cost.  A major cost saving measure, Streicher says, would be to stop responding to minor traffic accidents where there is no injury.  He says that would save 30,000 man hours.  "Two thousand hours is a years worth of working time, now you've generated enough time to make up for 15 positions in the agency." Streicher calculates.

Streicher says the bottom line is he'll do what he can to mitigate layoffs, including making concessions, redirecting dollars, and belt tightening.  "It may be inconvenient now but come Christmas somebody's going to be happier.  Hey, Santa Claus is coming."

City Manager Milton Dohoney will announce on August 6th what cuts will have to be made to deal with the deficit.

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