Adults returning to school to find their first love

by Meghan Mongillo - bio/email

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The tri-state's unemployment rate is over 10 percent and that's forcing many people to re-evaluate their lives. Some are finding that their second career choice should have been their first.

Sitting at a desk studying a book was a big change for Dyan Lambert. She spent 23 years working the line at the Ford factory in Connersville, Indiana.

Then the plant closed.

So at 44 years old Dyan is a student.

"Keyboarding i thought would be a challenge. Using computers but teachers are great walked us through every bit of it."

She joins a growing number of adults who are going back to school.

Beckfield college has seen a 50 percent jump in the last 2 years.

The enrollment is now up to 875 students pride themselves on non traditional..the average age is 18 to 65 years old.

"Actually at first it's devastation. All we've had is students worked years and years all at once it's ended," says Malisa Sullivan.

She and others in admissions work with students to help them find not just something they can do but want to do.

"We do a questionnaire and if they are not sure we say lets talk about what you like what you don't like."

Beckfield has bachelors, associates degrees as well as certificates in 10 areas.

For Dyan..she found her passion in criminal justice someone close to her was a victim of crime.

"Having gone through that with him learned a lot..but realized a lot didn't know try to make a difference."

In December Dyan will get her associates degree.

She hopes to be a police officer or work with as counselor for troubled teens..

Sometimes a bad situation is a blessing in disguise.