Council won't vote on recycling plan

CINCINNATI (AP) - Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory has pulled a recycling program matter from the city council agenda, saying it's not a good time to vote on the issue.

A Cincinnati City Council committee has given preliminary approval to spending $3.5 million to enhance a recycling program, even as the city prepares for layoffs.

A majority of finance committee members wants to spend the money on a 10-year lease for 64-gallon, wheeled carts to make Cincinnati's recycling program more effective.

Backers say the plan, which also includes incentive rewards for recyclers, will save money in the long run with reduced landfill and trash pickup costs.

Council was to vote on final approval Wednesday before Mayor Mallory pulled the issue.  Wednesday is also the day council members will get a list of proposed job cuts as the city faces a $28 million budget deficit.

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