Local Farmer May Lose Yield Due To Floods

By Brad Underwood - email/bio

BALLSTOWN, IN (FOX19) - Eighty-five acres of once profitable soybean and corn crops is now an unknown income.  Soggy and muddy brown leafs are all that's left of John Kestlers soybeans after massive floods swept through his farm just outside Batesville Tuesday.

"What do you do....this our income," said John's wife Karen.

Record amounts of rainfall caused floods in several cities and towns.  Portions of Kestlers crops were under at least 10 feet of water.

"It was bound to happen, when you farm bottom ground it's always a risk," said John. "The yields are defiantly going to be hurt....we just don't know how bad yet."

That figure won't be known until harvest, when Kestler will combine the 85 acres.

On the only side of state road 229 sits his corn crops. They look better than the soybeans, but like the beans were completely submerged. The stalks are nearly twelve feet tall. Kestlers says from the road, you could only see the tips.

The silks are in bad shape and pollens on the tassels have damage too. But Kestler is more optimistic about the corn is saved. Ironically the same thing that brought extreme damage may just be the cure to save the yield.

"Mother nature probably holds the key here, a little rain to wash the crop off would be a benefit," said Kestlers. "But there's nothing you can do...its too late to worry about it, just let Mother Nature take its course."

For now, the Kestlers will wait until harvest.

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