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Covington suspects in court

The 'Covington Six' and a large group marched to the Kenton County courthouse in Covington The 'Covington Six' and a large group marched to the Kenton County courthouse in Covington

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COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Five of the six defendants arrested earlier this month during a backyard party in Covington were in court on Tuesday.

The so-called 'Covington Six' were arrested on a multitude of charges, ranging from assault on a police officer to public intoxication to disorderly conduct.

However, the suspects claim they were kicked and punched by police. Prior to their court appearance on Tuesday, the defendants and a group of about 30 other people marched from the 700 block of Greenup Street to the Covington courthouse, holding signs and chanting, "no justice, no peace, no racist police.

"We think the police went to the wrong address," said one of the defendants, Theresa Principata. "We're hoping the court will see our side and dismiss all charges."

In court, Judge Ken Easterling applauded their efforts to stand up for their beliefs, but advised the defendants that their options of pleading guilty and paying less than a $100 in fines, or taking a diversion program might be better than a jury trial for misdemeanors.

However, the defendants said they did not want either option, and wanted to go to trial. All five are scheduled for a separate jury trial in October.

Meanwhile, Covington Police say they have gotten no formal complaint alleging police brutality or misconduct from that night, and they did conduct an internal investigation.

"At this point we haven't detected any improprieties. Police officers appeared to do what they had to do in that event," said Chief Lee Russo.

Chief Russo says he plans on reaching out again to the 'Covington Six' to find out their side of the story.

All parties will be in court in September for a preliminary hearing.

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