Church suffering from numerous break-ins

By Joe Danneman - bio | email
Posted by Trina Edwards - email

EAST PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - There is a security sign in front of Elberon United Methodist Church, warning any intruder an alarm will go off if they break-in. Still, thieves are stealing everything from electronics to sausage.

The church has been broken into about 20 times in the last six months.

The church offers free meals and school supplies, but instead of asking for it, someone is simply taking.

"If someone has a real need for something, we want to try and provide for that need," said pastor Kim Seiberling. "When people are desperate, they lose boundaries. So, anything is fair game."

Thieves have stolen $7,000 worth of electronics from the sanctuary, and just about anything from the kitchen.

The church changed its locks three times and installed a security system.

"The reality of it is that if people really, really, really want to get in, they can. So, we just have to step out on faith knowing that we're going to continue to do ministry here," said Seiberling.

Police are investigating these break-ins, and recently dusted for fingerprints. The church is looking into security cameras, but say they might be too expensive for their small church.

If you have any information on these break-ins, call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.

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