UPDATE: Policeman suspended after arresting, tasing councilman's daughter

Celeste Thomas (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Celeste Thomas (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Demetri Washington (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Demetri Washington (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

By Corey McConnell - bio | email
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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Cincinnati Police Officer was suspended after he arrested and tased the daughter of a Cincinnati city councilman.

Celeste Thomas, 26, is the daughter of councilman Cecil Thomas, who is a former police officer himself.

Police chief Tom Streicher said Officer Anthony Plummer has been suspended of his police duties and is performing a desk job. Streicher said Plummer used "unnecessary force."

According to police records, Plummer was fired for excessive force after he tased a pedestrian for not getting out of the street. He was reinstated in 2007.

Early Sunday morning, Celeste was a passenger in her own car driven by Demetri Washington. Police records show they were involved in a hit-skip accident with a garbage truck on West McMillan. When officers pulled the car over, they reportedly told Celeste and Washington to stay inside the car, but she refused.  In the dash cam video, Officer Plummer is heard telling Celeste to "get on the ground." She gets down on her knees with her hands up, and Officer Plummer tells her to get on her face. When she doesn't, she is tased.

"She's obviously being submissive, she kneels and has hands in the air," said Streicher. "That's where the taser is applied that's where we have a problem."

Streicher says that tasers should only be used if someone is resisting arrest or an officer feels threatened.

"It's pretty clear to me that we lost control of this scene," said Lt. Col. Vince Demasi with Cincinnati Police, "and when you lose control in policing, bad things happen."

Celeste was arrested on charges of obstruction and possessing an open container after a bottle of vodka was found under the seat. Washington was arrested on outstanding warrants and traffic violations.

"I just hope that once the final investigation is completed that the officer, and I stress that this officer is justified in what he did, and in my experience based on what I've heard and its preliminary, there is no way that could be justified," said Celeste's father, councilman Cecil Thomas.

Cecil Thomas says his daughter has marks on her back because of the tasing.

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