Attachment Parenting in us all!

I recently sat down with a group of Mommies who formed an Attachment Parenting Support group.  They were stay at home Moms, stay at work  Moms, and some Moms who have done a little of both. Some Moms used slings, others strollers. Some Moms bottled others breast feed. My point...their attachment parenting styles varied as much as parenting styles in general.

What was the same was the heart centered approach these Moms gave to their parenting style.  And it occurred to me, don't we all? Isn't there a little Attachment Parenting in all of us? A moment when we put down the books, turn off the TLC television and disconnect the noise from unsolicited advice and give ourselves permission to be flexible. And to perfectly, poorly, confidently, chaotically parent our child.

That's what Mommy Memos is all about. A community of mom and dads to support each other and join each other in this journey of parenthood.  We'll take on all hot topics in parenting, see what works, what doesn't, and what is worth a try.

So tell me what is on your Mommy Memo?

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