Fire alarm causes audio problems during 10 PM Newscast

Roger Seay - email

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A fire alarm interrupted the FOX19 Ten O'Clock News on Monday.

The alarm, which had to be turned off by the Cincinnati Fire Department, started about 20 minutes into the newscast and continued periodically until the end.

No fire was found in the building.

The fire department determined it was a leak in the sprinkler system that caused the alarm to sound.

Tricia Macke, Dan Carroll and Steve Horstmeyer continued with the newscast but were often cut off by the alarm.  Tricia typed on the FOX19 10PM web chat that "her ears were ringing."

For a short period of time Dan and Tricia moved outside to the parking lot where they continued with the newscast.  The sound of the fire trucks in the background was not nearly as annoying as the fire alarm.

Toward the end of the hour long program the alarm was disabled and everyone returned to the set. Dan and Tricia thanked everyone for staying with them.