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School districts plans for presidential address-updated

Information from selected local schools who contacted or were surveyed by FOX19 on whether or how their students will be seeing President Obama's speech to students on Tuesday.

Batavia Local Schools:

The district as a whole will not broadcast the speech.  Each teacher will have the right to show it for its educaitonal or news value.  Students are not required to watch the speech and can be given an alternative activity; parents wanting this need to send a note with their child Tuesday.

Boone County:

"Schools Position on President's Back to School Address The Boone County Schools district position is that the broadcast and webcast of President Barack Obama's special back-to-school message on Tuesday, September 8, at 12 noon EDT is an instructional issue governed by School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) policies.  In an effort to sufficiently address parent concerns regarding the President's back-to-school message, it is suggested to contact your child's school directly for further discussion and clarification. SBDM policies are established by each school council therefore they can best answer specific questions/concerns regarding the broadcast.  Each school SBDM council should be offering an alternate learning experience for those students not participating. Please be assured that your child's academic achievement continues to be our district's highest priority as we endeavor to Achieve Excellence Together!"

Campbell County Schools:

Taping the address, then showing it on Thursday to give parents the option to opt out if they don't want their children to see it.

Cincinnati Public Schools:

It is up to each teacher. A letter was sent home to parents telling them there is no district policy and they could opt out if they wanted to.

Covington Independent:

It is up each schools. There was no district wide letter. If the school, or a teacher wants to show it live or taped. They did have to send home a letter to parents, so that they can opt out.

Forest Hills School District

Teachers choose whether to air Obama's message and has informed parents via a letter posted on the Web site, e-mail and voice messages.

Kenton County Schools:

Parents can sign a sheet to opt-out if they don't want their kids to see it. But they will carry it live.

Lakota Local Schools:

"President Obama intends to present a 15 - 20 minute live broadcast at Noon on September 8th to school children across America. According to the Education Department, he will challenge students to work hard, set education goals, and take responsibility for their learning. The broadcast will be on both CSPAN and through a White House Webcast. Lakota will conduct school on September 8th as a normal school day with no district-wide showing of the President's address. The address will be taped and previewed and made available through our media centers in case teachers or students wish to view the address.  If individual teachers choose to show the live-cast, because it ties into their curricular activities, they must follow the supplemental materials guidelines as well as inform parents in writing to the activity. If teachers show the live-cast in class, there will be an option for students to opt out of the showing. We recognize the political interest our community has in this topic. Our commitment as educators is to value our instructional time in our classrooms. In making this decision, we strived for a common-sense approach that both valued the instructional time while still offering our students an opportunity to view a special message from the sitting President of the United States"

Mason Local Schools:

They are not running it live, but a  teacher can run it live but they must send home letter to opt out.


"President Obama is planning to address the school children of America on September 8 at 12:00 p.m.  According to a release we received from the U.S. Department of Education, his message to students is about the importance of "working hard, setting goals, and taking responsibility for their learning." Given the belief our students receive this message day in and day out from our parents, our teachers and our community, we do not have district plans to broadcast the President's address live. However, the address will be recorded and reviewed to determine if it is needed to support a goal within our curriculum.  Parents would be notified in advance if the address were to be used in a classroom. The President's address will be shown on the White House website as well as telecast on C-SPAN.  Parents may listen and discuss the message with their child(ren) as they feel appropriate."

Newport Independent:

Airing the speech live, parents have the option to send their kids to another assignment but this was not a letter, it is an online form.


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