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Unique Baby Gifts

Light Affection Nightlights - framed, lighted nightlight sculptures duplicated perfectly from photographs.  Looks like a photograph that has

come alive! $39, WWW.lightaffection.com


Baberoo Hip Socks - cute themed, soled baby socks coming in styles like "Cool High Tops", "Mary Janes for Me", "See I'm a Ballerina" and "My First Clogs".  $15 per 4-pair box, WWW.baberoo.com

Labelqueen Photo Labels - first ever personalized photo labels. microwave and dishwasher safe. ideal for labeling baby bottles, sippy cups, toys, etc.

Emily Baby Skin Soothing Salve - Only 100% natural ingredient baby skin salve on market.  Only 5 ingredients: olive oil, beeswax and 3 time-honored Asian medical herbs: Angelica Sinensis (Dang Gui), Potentillae Chinensis (Bei Zi Cao) and Mentha Haplocalyx (Bo He). $14.00 per container, WWW.emilyskinsootherscom

Tilty Cup - a revolutionary infant training cup that makes learning to drink easier. Tilty's angled interior and flow control lid allows a child to hold it like a normal cup and drink without having to suck or tilt the cup down like a sippy cup.  5.99 per 2 pack, www.tiltycup.com

BabyBriefcase - a stylish document organizer designed specifically for parents and their babies and toddlers. Stylish and charming, BabyBriefcase stores all the documents and information relating to a new baby in a way that makes everything easily accessible whether at a hospital, doctor's office, on vacation or anywhere else. $29.95, www.babybriefcase.coom

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