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Disciplining other people's children.

 A Kennedy Heights mother held a 6 year old neighbor boy's  hands to his bike so her 5 year old son could punch him.  A few days later a 44 year old woman picks up a 2 year old boy out his mother's lap at a Salvation Army and spanks him over her knee. She admonished the woman saying she needed to get control of her son now,  before it was too late.

Both women are in a world of trouble. Facing serious jail time. For living in a different time.

There is a generation of us who grew up understanding that if we were doing something wrong, our parents didn't have to be there for us to get disciplined, any neighbor or relative could stand in and dish out the punishment, verbal or otherwise.   If there was playground fight,  you didn't come home and cry about it, you went back and finished it.   Thank goodness we've come a long way.

There is room for the elders in our community to extend a firm parental embrace to our children...but an embrace is not a hit, a slap, or a punch via my child.

Violence begets violence. Adults be adults. Use your words to educate, parent and guide. Use your wisdom and experience to mold, correct and raise up the child in the ways they should go.

And parents, listen.

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