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Man convicted of manslaughter in pastor's death

Frederick Davis Frederick Davis
Rev. Donald Fairbanks Rev. Donald Fairbanks

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COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - A Kenton County jury convicted a man of manslaughter for the shooting death of a Cincinnati pastor.

Frederick Davis, 41, shot and killed Donald Fairbanks last November as he was attending a funeral.

The jury recommended that Davis spend 30 years behind bars for the crime.

Davis' attorney says it was a crime of passion after Davis learned his ex-girlfriend was having an affair with Fairbanks.

"It was a horrible situation and Mr. Davis unfortunately felt like he had no other options in his life," said Dennis Alerding, Davis' attorney. "He had a lot of psychological difficulties, and he snapped. And that was what the jury felt was appropriate in this case."

Elizabeth Fairbanks, Donald's widow, says it was no excuse to kill anyone.

"I'm under stress. Does that give me a reason to go out and take someone's life?" said Elizabeth Fairbanks. "I'm under tremendous stress. He was a grown man. He wasn't a child."

Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders says he believes Davis knew what he was doing when he tracked down his victim.

"I think it sets a very dangerous precedent that you can break up with a girlfriend and three years later the mere sight of the man you believe she is seeing now puts you in such a rage that you can kill them and have it reduced from murder to manslaughter," said Sanders. "It was a very intentional act, very intentional act. There was no doubt he set out to kill him."

Davis was also convicted of attempted manslaughter for the shooting of Deacon Dowdell Cobb. Both Cobb and Fairbanks worked with St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Cincinnati's West End.

"If anything should happen and the jail catch on fire, I hope he burns up in there," said Elizabeth Fairbanks. "My loss is permanent and that is how I feel."

Although that 30 year sentence was recommended by the jury, the judge in the case will make the final ruling on sentencing during a hearing on Oct. 19.


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