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UPDATE: Buffalo that roamed Ripley County dies

Photo source: Ripley County Sheriff's Office Photo source: Ripley County Sheriff's Office

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UPDATE: It was a sad ending to an Indiana buffalo's short stint of freedom.

Roscoe the Buffalo got loose from a farm in Versailles Friday morning and wandered around Ripley County before he showed up at the Ripley County Sheriff's Office.

The animal was tranquilized to get it into a stock trailer.

However, Roscoe's owner, Jim Samples, says that the stress of being chased all morning and the tranquilization caused Roscoe to pass away on Friday afternoon.

Samples says Roscoe was 10 years old. Samples elected to bury the animal instead of send it to a butcher.


The Ripley County Sheriff's Office got an unexpected visitor on Friday.

Just after 7 a.m., dispatchers received reports of an animal roaming the streets of Versailles.

Officers attempted to locate the animal, and found a buffalo had escaped from a farm and was running through town, including through a busy intersection at US 50 and US 421.

Officers attempted to corral the animal several times to no avail and decided they had to put the animal down.

Then, ironically, the buffalo ran into a fenced area of the Sheriff's Office, and deputies coralled the animal until the owner and a veterinarian arrived. The buffalo was tranquilized and corralled by officers who used ropes to guide the animal into a stock trailer.

"It was the best possible outcome to a dangerous situation," said Ripley County Sheriff Tom Grills. "Public safety is of up most concern when there is an 1800-pound wild animal running loose you can't control. I am glad the animal traveled where it did, we were able to coral it, and we saved the animal.  That is important, as it is a very majestic animal.  Nobody was hurt, and the buffalo will recover to roam his home pastures once again. It worked out the very best it could."

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