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A parent's worst nightmare is seeing their child in anguish for any reason. For Debbie K. of Pennsylvania, it was watching her daughter, Bethany face the harsh reality that her collegiate soccer career was over, one year too soon. A three-time American Mideast Conference Player of the Year, Bethany was sidelined due to excruciating knee pain and failed surgeries.

Call it coincidence or call it fate, Bethany's aunt in Los Angeles, California also suffered knee pain and researched Dr. Frank Noyes' name from the internet and recommended him to her niece. Dr. Noyes discovered a rare, overlooked, complication with Bethany's prior meniscus repair procedures and was able to restore her knee and relieve her unrelenting pain.

"Bethany had multiple complex knee injuries that are rare to see and require a special level of training and expertise found only in an orthopaedic center of excellence," says Frank R. Noyes, M.D., Director, CSMOC. "Our patient focused treatment included proven clinical, surgical and rehabilitation options. This care, combined with Bethany's determination and motivation, produced a remarkable outcome."

How did Bethany do following Dr. Noyes' surgery? She capped her career at Houghton College with a 4th Player of the Year honor and was the leading all-time scorer among other titles. "It was a true miracle what he was able to do for her," says Debbie K. "For someone who thought her career had ended too soon, it was a miraculous ending for my daughter."  


Hearing a "pop" coming down from a rebound and colliding with another player last year, Shaun A., a junior small forward from Miami University- Hamilton knew exactly what had happened and who to call. "I tore my right ACL in high school and our team athletic trainer recommended Dr. Marc Galloway at Cincinnati SportsMedicine and Orthopaedic Center," says Shaun. "That surgery made my knee stronger than ever. So when I heard the same "pop" in my other knee I knew what to do."

"It is not uncommon for a patient to suffer an ACL tear in the opposite knee," remarks Marc Galloway, M.D. sports orthopaedic surgeon at CSMOC. "This is a phenomenon we are hoping to address by developing specific prevention programs. The good news is Shaun responded as well to his second procedure as his first and the strong dedication he showed in both recoveries can be seen on the court this season."

"Dr. Galloway and the rehab team helped me focus on my goals and to reach them. My left knee is actually stronger now after the surgery. Both knees are feeling great and the quad and jumping exercises they had me do made my jumping better. I'm looking forward to playing my senior year."    


Two days from getting married, 54-year-old Catherine B., found herself in a desperate situation. She tore her ACL and meniscus and was experiencing terrible knee pain and instability. She turned to the Cincinnati SportsMedicine orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Andrews to help her get married in the short term and return to an active lifestyle in the long run.

"We always try to help our patients achieve their goal no matter how extreme their goal may be," says Michelle Andrews, M.D., orthopaedic surgeon at CSMOC. "I have to be a motivator as well as the surgeon, because rehab is such an important component to the recovery. I tell my patients, if you don't do your job, I can't do mine."

"Dr. Andrews is so bubbly and chipper, but tells it like it is," says Catherine B. "I'm the kind of grandma who likes to stay busy and now I can. Six months after surgery I did a 5K walk and I am back riding my motorcycle. I think that says it all."  


Every athlete fears that a major injury will impact future performance. Faced with the need for arthroscopic shoulder surgery to repair her torn labrum, volleyball standout Dominique B. was not only worried about her return to the court but whether she'd have the same power and accuracy. Reassurance from shoulder specialist, Dr. Samer Hasan, orthopaedic surgeon at Cincinnati SportsMedicine and Orthopaedic Center, helped her make the decision.

Notes Dr. Hasan, "I repaired her torn labrum, which is the lining of the shoulder joint that helps maintain stability, using only two quarter-inch stab incisions, but Dominique has done a masterful job recovering from her shoulder surgery. Her motivation has been exemplary and she now can look forward to an exciting collegiate volleyball career."

"When I first tore my shoulder, it bothered me so badly that I wasn't sure if my hitting would ever be the same," says the Calvary Christian graduate. "I wondered if I'd be as powerful. After only a few months, I'm back as powerful as I was before. It's great. Now I know that for the future, I don't have to worry that another injury will keep me from playing. He did a great job."


The eighth time I dislocated my shoulder I knew something was different," says Addison R., former outfielder for Brescia University. "Each time before I would put my shoulder back in place and keep playing. This time wasn't the same. I had been a patient of Cincinnati SportsMedicine for other injuries. Dr. Matt Busam, orthopaedic surgeon and sports and shoulder specialist, looked at my MRI and said he couldn't believe I had played one bit with such a bad shoulder; it was really messed up."

"Addison's shoulder was quite unstable and painful for him," remembers Dr. Busam. "It took a lot of work in surgery to repair all the damage that had built up over the years, but I have to give him credit too. I worked hard for one day in surgery, he worked hard for 6 full months!"

 "I'd love to say I worked hard but I have to give a lot of credit to the therapy. They helped me to get back earlier than expected. I've started a new chapter in my life, coaching baseball in Alberta, Canada," reflects Addison. "Dr. Busam helped me to fulfill a dream. I am able to say I helped my team win our first conference championship in school history and I was even named senior of the year. Dr. Busam helped me write a happy ending for my college career."

Patient Testimonials

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