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Mommy Memos with Regina: Getting Enough Sleep


     I'll admit, my second has much better sleeping habits than my first son. We've spoiled him, plain and simple.    What my husband and I have learned with our second is...WE NEED SLEEP TOO! And children just function better.

     So we try to implement the same suggestions that Cincinnati Children's Hospital's Dr. Robin Gurwitch does.  A nice calming routine.  Bath, massage, story time, dim lighting and soft music.  It puts ME to sleep everytime! :)

  What are some tips that works for you? What if you have a spirited child like my first? How do you help them get enough sleep? E-mail me at 

  Also send me some pictures of your family at that email address and I'll share it on FACEBOOK, on our Mommy Memos with FOX19's Regina Russo page.

Dr. Gurwitch has some other great tips that's on our Mommy Memos's page on  Check out our web extras by going to the homepage, click FEATURE on the top menu and then Mommy Memos icon on the left.

Tell me what's on your Mommy Memos?



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