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Deliberations begin at pediatrician's trial

By Brad Underwood - bio | email

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A Butler County jury of 12 must now decide if pediatrician Mark Blankenburg is a child molester who bribed his former patients with money and drugs, or is the victim of extortion by the alleged victims in this case.

The jury began deliberating Thursday morning after receiving its instructions from Butler County judge Keith Spaeth.

The jury will only decide on the 16 sex charges in this trial; the judge will rule on the other 25 drugs, bribery, prostitution and money laundering charges.

Judge Spaeth will hear closing arguments this afternoon on the other 25 counts Blankenburg is facing.

Wednesday, the prosecution told the jury that all the evidence and testimony over the last eight days clearly paints the picture that Dr. Mark Blankenburg has a sexual appetite for young teenage boys.

The defense says this case is simple for the jury. 

"If you don't believe these four, none of this matters," referring to the thousands of pictures shown of young boys bending over, stretching and changing clothes at high school athletic events.

The testimony of the four victims all revealed inappropriate sexual contact by Blankenburg at a young age. However, three of them have credibility issues. One of the men is serving 81 years in prison for trying to kill a police officer; another has spent time in the Boone County Jail in Kentucky and the Butler County jail in Ohio.  Three of the alleged victims also admitted to extorting Dr. Blankenburg, and two also say they had consensual sexual relationships with the doctor when they were adults.

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