HamCo commissioners find extra funds

By Brad Underwood - bio | email
Posted by Trina Edwards - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton County commissioners think they've found $2 million, and they're already looking at ways to spend it.

New recommendations for the 2010 Hamilton County budget put more officers on the street through human resource cuts. The safety services upgrades, if approved, will be made possible because of $2.1 million being re-allocated within the budget.

"Its all about revenues, and revenues are all about jobs and development, jobs and development," said Commissioner Todd Portune.

Commissioners Portune and Greg Hartmann say they've got the funds to match county development funds and put more officers on the street.

"Twenty additional sheriffs deputies, that's part of the plan," said Hartmann. "I also have funding in my plan for 100 new electronic monitoring devices. That's so judges, when people know they not going to be able to lock them in jail, at least they can be monitored."

The proposed 2010 budget changes were announced Monday. Hartman also says some of the 2.1 million will go to the prosecutor's office, Victims Advocate Unit and the crime lab.

"We're all committed to public safety, we just need to make sure everything balances and we don't spend money we don't have," said Commissioner David Pepper.

The $2.1 million comes from proposed cuts in county human resources, economic development and purchasing facilities. Part of Portune's plan will fund the Port Development Authority Bond Reserve Account.

"Their reserve fund needs to be completed so that they can bond against that...and the county's match into that fund needs to be provided," said Portune.

Commissioners are hoping to vote on the two plans Wednesday morning, but Portune says the election will play major factor. If certain issues aren't passed, it's back to the table.

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