You Decide Today

Today, voters will decide who our local leaders will be, if casinos will be built here in Ohio, and the fate of streetcars coming to Cincinnati.

There are several major issues that would affect Cincinnati and Ohio. The hottest topic is Issue 3 known as the casino issue. Backers for casinos say that over 30,000 jobs would come to Ohio and that $1 billion would stay in the Buckeye state.

Those against casinos say that they would kill jobs, bring crime and prostitution.

Cincinnati will also be voting for its leadership going into 2010. Mayor Mark Mallory is running for re-election against Brad Wenstrup.

Voters will also be electing the city council. There are 19 candidates hoping to fill one of the nine positions available.

Another major issue in Cincinnati is Issue 9, known as the Streetcar issue. Those who want Issue 9 to pass are against streetcars coming to Cincinnati without a say from the voters.

Those who are against the issue want streetcars in Cincinnati and all other passenger railway transportation options not to be decided by voters.

For all of the issues on the ballot, click here for the Hamilton County Ballot.

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