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Breakdown of Issue 9

By Regina Russo - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Two of the co-chairs of Cincinnatians for Progress told FOX19 on Wednesday why they thought their campaign was able to defeat Issue 9.   

According to Joe Sprengard, taking a page from the Obama presidential election, they started out very grassroots, and then spreading the message rapidly through Social Media site.

They say the big dollars from big business came in at the end, but the first $100,000 raised came from $35, $45 and $50 contributions, to deliver one simple message.

"What no mean't is our transportation options for passenger rail would be open. Had this passed we would have had to vote on every expenditure that was going to passenger rail. We would be the only city in America with this particular requirement," Sprengard said.

No on 9 preserves transportation options for high speed rail, and other passenger rail including street car,  but it doesn't mean that we'll see a street car rolling downtown anytime soon.

The city still needs $60 million in federal money to get the wheels moving. And Cincinnati city council is still waiting on a financial plan from the city manager to vote on it. There's no word on when that will even happen.  

"We've been told proponents will keep coming back for more referendums, we'll be here to let Cincinnati voters know whether those referendums are good things," said Bobby Maly, Co-Chair of Cincinnatians for Progress.

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