Palin returns to Ohio on book tour

NORWOOD, Ohio (AP) - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Friday it shows courage for readers to carry her book in public, as she returned as a best-selling author to the southwest Ohio region where she made her debut as a national candidate.

More than 1,000 people came for the sold-out signing stop at the Joseph-Beth Booksellers store in this Cincinnati suburb. Her book "Going Rogue" comes nearly 15 months after GOP presidential candidate John McCain introduced her publicly as his running mate at a Dayton, Ohio, rally.

"I appreciate your boldness and your courage," Palin said to cheers Friday. "Especially those of you who are carrying that book under your arm. You're going rogue with me."

Palin, who brought her son Trig with her, said the book provides a chance "to read my words unfiltered.

"It's refreshing for me to get to call it like I see it and not worry about what anybody else is going to say," Palin said. "Just get out there and speak truth, and I know that's how you guys are wired, too."

She began her book tour this week in a key region politically, with earlier stops in Michigan and Indiana. She has a second book signing Friday night in the Columbus area, where some people started lining up more than 24 hours in advance.

Bruce Rankin, of 34, made the hour-long drive from Peebles, Ohio, for the Cincinnati-area book signing.

"I like the independent, fresh air she brings to politics," Rankin said. "She is someone you can identify with."

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