Welcome to the first article

by Roger Seay - email

I'm really excited about this page.  I hope it will be a place you can come and learn about FOX19 - not just the news - but what goes on behind the news.  If you want headlines this isn't the place to go.  But if you want to learn about the people who bring you the news everyday at FOX19 and what we do it should be a good read.

You should watch FOX19 for a new promo that should start running in the next couple of weeks.  It is really cool and based on the popular FOX series "24".  It is the  brainchild of someone in the marketing department and our promotion department did a great job of shooting and editing.  The first version features director Dale Rhoton and Cullen Anderson plus some of the folks that you see everyday during the FOX19 news.

The other event that has everyone talking in the newsroom was Davey Jones visit to the morning news.  Amanda Naylor, our 6pm producer, now has an extensive collection of Monkees gear all signed by Davey.  She is walking on cloud nine.