Small explosion at Rozzi's Fireworks

SYMMES TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Fire crews are investigating an explosion in Symmes Township.

A short time before 4:00pm on Friday, police said there was a small explosion and fire at Rozzi's Fireworks store at the 11000 block of Lebanon Road.

Two workers were injured and taken to Bethesda North. The name and condition of the victims has not been released.

Union Township Fire Chief Stan Deimling said folks living near the facility have been allowed back into their homes. Dozens of houses were evacuated earlier in the afternoon.

Chief Deimling said Rozzi's owners are in the process of relocating the store. He added that the two employees were working behind the main building. Officials say the workers used a backhoe to move materials in a shed. Deimling said no fireworks were inside of the unit, but it's unclear exactly what sparked the explosion.

"It's not that they were actually digging in the ground with a backhoe or something," Chief Deimling said. "Basically they stuck the first bucket in the ground and pushed the backhoe out because it was stuck. So whatever it was on the surface and when they did that, whether it hit a rock and sparked it or who knows, or hit the device itself or whatever was there, then that's what detonated it."

Fire crews said the explosion was felt from blocks away. Deimling said the bomb squad was called out. Crews reportedly surveyed the site on Friday night, but will return Saturday around 8 A.M.

Meantime, Deimling said the Hamilton County Sheriffs Department has secured the area.

Officials said the injured employees are expected to be okay.

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