Midday Update fro Monday

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A marine killed at Camp Lejeune has been identified as local, Joshua Hartzell.

In Lawrenceburg, Hazmat, Police and fore were on the scene of a chemical spill at a local plant. For the latest, click here.

A Florence man is in the hospital after he was hit by a pizza delivery driver.

A Dayton woman is upset that a fertility clinic turned her away because she was not married. Click here for that story

In Ohio Gas prices are down according to AAA.

Hospital officials in Texas are reporting that the suspect in the Fort Hood shooting is now conscious and talking.

The Weather Forecast calls for a nice day today.


Dull sunshine occurs when a veil of high, thin clouds called cirrus clouds cover the area and partially block the sun. The clouds are at or above 20,000 feet above sea level and made up of ice crystals.

The ice crystals act a prisms and can separate white light from the sun into the component colors we find in a rainbow. As a result this morning many saw a full halo around the sun.

A halo is different from a rainbow, in a rainbow the sun is at your back while in a halo you are looking at the sun

There may be a few light and brief showers tomorrow, but the remainder of  the week looks cooler and dry.

FOX19 Chief Meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer

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