Website helps women get free breast implants

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)  - Kyle Dinger, 21, said she's always dreamed of having a bigger bustline.

"I'm the small one in my family," Dinger said. "They've nicknamed me 'A-cup' and I don't want that nickname anymore."

The married mother of two said breast implants would cost about $5,500; a price tag she says she just couldn't afford. But now it won't cost Kyle a dime.

That's because dozens of strangers are footing the bill. She joined "" where she posts pictures and chats with donors called "benefactors." The men pay a $1.20 to email the ladies and after that, benefactors can send them special donations in any amount.

Cincinnati-native Becky Weschler, 23, is just weeks away from going under the knife. In 10 months, the married mother of three has raised $6,700. She said she received more than $1,000 from one man.

"Yeah, Facebook for boobies," Weschler said. "At first I was like, why would they want to give me money? But then you really get to know them and talk to them. They want to I guess you help you and make you happy."

The site's co-founder Jay Moore agreed.

"There's young women with families, some are married, some are in school, some are models looking to advance their career," Moore told Fox 19.

Moore said it's a simple business model built on friendship.

"You're actually getting to know the person," Moore said. "I mean it's similar to a lot of the social networks and online communities where you're meeting friends online."

Still, some critics disagreed. The local organization Citizens for Community Values wrote this statement: " is a disservice to women and our society and contributes to the objectification of women. It dehumanizes them and sends the wrong message that their value is summed up solely in their appearance and attractiveness to men rather than stressing the unique personhood of every woman."

Dinger said that's just not the case.

"I'm married. I have two kids. I'm going to college," Dinger said. "This isn't something that I can afford to pay for myself. And it's not like I'm getting five grand from some random stranger in exchange for anything."

90-percent of the money donated goes directly to the women's doctor of choice. 10-percent goes to organizers. As for the benefactors, both ladies we spoke with said they plan to keep in touch with their new friends.

"Yeah, that's fine with me," Tim Dinger said. "Just as long as I know they're not in the Butler Co. area or in Hamilton County."

Moore said the site has helped 500 women get free implants. The average donation is $30, though Moore said one man donated the full cost of a surgery.

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