Hamilton Marine killed at Camp LeJeune

Joshua Hartzell (Source: U.S.M.C.)
Joshua Hartzell (Source: U.S.M.C.)

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HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Joshua Hartzell was a 22-year-old Marine from Hamilton. His sudden death at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina is leaving the family with more questions than answers.

The family of Joshua Hartzell say for as long as they could remember, he wanted to be a Marine.

"That's why when we heard he joined the Marines," said Rich Dunn, Wrestling Coach at Ross High School. "We knew that was something he was prepared to do, being a wrestler and being a Marine, they kinda go hand in hand."

Dunn had nothing but high praise for his former protege.

"His senior year was his best year, he won twenty matches for us and everyone who knew him knew he had a good work ethic, kind of epitomized what it meant to be a Ross wrestler," Dunn said.

Joshua Hartzell was also a strong Marine. He died Friday, November 6th. His body was found in the woods at Camp LeJeune.

"We knew that he was going to give it his all, down deep inside any time a guy is serving you have that hesitation of 'are they going to come back?'" said Coach Dunn.

Joshua Hartzell's sister Rebecca Lumpkin said they too were worried when their brother left to serve our country.

"We're all, we're a close family," Lumpkin said.

"Being a Marine made him happy. He wanted to be a Marine in the military from the time he was so little," said his other sister, Sara Robbe.

Josh also loved to fish. And no matter how busy he was, he always took the time to call his mother.

"Josh was a mama's boy," said Robbe. "He loved his mother and talked to her all the time, twice a day, called her everyday."

When asked if she feels her brother close by her, Lumpkin said, "Always."

"We wouldn't get through this right now without him he's the one that's holding us together. He was a happy, happy person," she said.

"Right now we're not dealing with any regrets," said Robbe. "We were the best brothers and sisters and family we could be and it feels like now that Josh is gone we have to let people know that they need to appreciate their family they need to appreciate what they can do for each other."

Jonathan Law, 21, is being held in a military lock-up. There is no word yet what kind of charges he will be facing. Both men joined the Marines back in 2006 and served in the Second Marine Logistics Group.

Hartzell's family is waiting for word as to what will happen with Joshua's body. Both of his sisters say Josh's body will be brought back home for his funeral.

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