Thousands get vaccinated at Bank of Kentucky H1N1 clinic

By Stefano DiPietrantonio - email

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KY (FOX19) - The turnout Wednesday at the Bank Of Kentucky Center for the H1N1 vaccinations was smaller than expected. Still, thousands waited patiently in line to take their turn.

You could hear the sounds of small children letting out instantaneous yelps as they got their shots. Call it the cry of success as they are now vaccinated against the H1N1 virus.

Getting the swine flu shot was a family affair for Shanna Neil of northern Kentucky. She brought her whole crew and her sons and daughters took the shots like champs.

"He did a great job," Shanna said of her son, Noah.

She coaxed him there with a little white lie. "I told him it was a big surprise!" she said, laughing.

The monster in the room may have been the shot but having the movie Monsters Inc., which was playing on video screens overhead, was a great distraction for the kids.

Of the 8,000 shots ready for use Wednesday, only about 3,000 were expected to be used before the clinic ended at five o'clock. The rest of the unused vaccine will go toward future clinics and local doctors offices, which need the shots for their patients.

"We encourage people to get the information and then make the decision for themselves whether they want to take it or not," said Emily Gresham Wherle, Public Information Manager for the Northern Kentucky Health Department.

There were two options for folks to choose from: the swine flu shot or the nasal mist.

"They told me that both shot and mist offers the same protection so if I had the choice might as well get the mist, right?" asked John McCann, who opted for the nasal mist.

If you are over 49 years old, or are under the age of two, or have certain health issues, the mist is not an option for you.

"I didn't feel anything it didn't taste like anything at all," said McCann after getting the nasal mist injected into both of his nostrils.

"We encourage people to get the information and then make the decision for themselves whether they want to take it," said Wherle.

Huge, orchestrated medical events like the one at the Bank Of Kentucky Center are not the only source of the H1N1 flu vaccine. Check with your doctor if you haven't yet gotten the swine flu vaccine.

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