Neighbors want hot spot to cool off

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

ELMWOOD PLACE, OH (FOX 19)- Elmwood Place resident Lucinda West said one place in town needs to move.

"This use to be a peaceful place to live in," West said. "It's not no more."

West said that's because of a place called "The Place." It's a banquet hall that hosts dance lessons during the week and teen parties on some weekends.

"They're not respecting our town," West said. "They're leaving garbage all over our streets. They're making a lot of noises at late hours of the night you know, when our children are in bed, getting ready for school the next day. It's just ridiculous."

Elmwood Place Police Chief William Peskin said his officers work security detail for The Place. Peskin said on Sunday, two adult males and one juvenile female were arrested. Peskin said one of them was involved in an accident involving a stolen car.

"You're dumping 300 kids out that the majority of them don't have rides right away so they meander around the parking lot," Chief Peskin said. "And sometimes words get exchanged and then pushing and shoving and stuff like that."

Chief Peskin also said the location might be a problem. He says the town's second banquet hall "the Eagle" is located down the street away from homes and Peskin said they receive far fewer complaints.

On Wednesday and Thursday, FOX19 dropped by The Place to try to speak with the owner, but each time, no one answered the door. Several messages were left, but calls were not returned. Chief Peskin says he has been in contact with the owner and he's confident the issue can be resolved.

"The owner's been very cooperative with us," Chief Peskin said. "Anything that we ask of her, she complies. She wants to be a good neighbor to everybody."

This week, Chief Peskin said he and the Mayor agreed on some changes the two banquet halls must make, including: doubling the number of officers required from four to eight; forcing the parties to end earlier; and creating a limit on the number of people allowed inside the parties.

But many of the neighbors we spoke with said it's still not enough.

"What I want done is that this place needs to be shut down," West said. "This woman needs to go somewhere else with her business because Because this is not. This is a residential community. Yeah, we got businesses that live here, but the thing is, we got families that live on this street. You know what if one of our kids gets hurt."

Several neighbors told FOX 19 that they've complained to Mayor Richard Ellison for months about this issue. Neighbors said they even brought it up at the last town hall meeting on Tuesday. West told FOX 19 the Mayor told them that he "didn't want to hear it."

FOX 19 tried contacting the Mayor about the issue, but he did not return our calls.

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