Lebanon teen cleared of threat charges; another teen in jail

Gary Finn
Gary Finn
Ashley Meece
Ashley Meece

By Stefano Dipietrantonio - email

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - A Lebanon teenager is happy to have his freedom back.

Charges that 18-year-old Gary Finn made threats against an ex-girlfriend at Lebanon High School on Nov. 6 have been dropped after police discovered the whole drama was a hoax.

Now, the ex-girlfriend, Ashley Meece, 18, is in jail and facing serious charges.

Finn says he is feeling vindicated that he told the police the truth and that he never made threats against Meece. Finn says the truth literally set him free.

"Me and the ex-girlfriend, we've had problems on and off for 2 to 3 years," Finn said.

"There is a lot of drama between these two parties," said Sgt. Dave Gehringer with Lebanon Police.

He said both are adults but are not acting like adults.

"I think it's your typical high school drama but it spun way out of control," Gehringer said.

Lebanon Police say Meece claimed Finn threatened to cut her throat if she didn't stop harassing his current girlfriend.

"It shocked me, it was kind like a big slap in the face, like wow!" Finn said when police arrested him.

It was the first he had heard of any problem.

"The school took it seriously as they should, the school went into lock down, went sent officers up there, we requested mutual aid from Warren County," said Gehringer. " I'd hate to guess what the bill would be for those services."

"It's kinda, 'he says, she says,' not really a believable story," said Finn, worried the police would not believe his innocence at first.

But Lebanon police did believe Finn and after reviewing a videotape from the hallway at school.

"It's plain as day that he (Finn) did not come in contact with those two girls," Gehringer said.

"I clearly told them I'm willing to take a lie detector test ya know I'll do whatever it takes to get the true story out there and I'm glad it happened this way," said Finn.

Finn is charged with trespassing because he is not a student and was on school grounds without permission and still faces a $250 fine.

"That's my fault," Finn said. "It is what it is and I can't go back and change it so."

"He (Finn) admits he did not follow the procedure, but he said, 'There's no way I talked to those girls, I did not make any threats,'" said Gehringer.

Meece is being held in the Warren County Jail on $25,000 cash bond for charges of inducing panic and lying to police. It's the same bond Finn had been in jail facing, before police say they discovered the whole thing was a hoax.

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