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During a press conference this morning, Attorney General Eric Holder says five 911 suspects will be tried in New York.

And breaking news from Colorado, where the parents of 'Balloon Boy' have pleaded guilty.

An odd story in Harrison, where a dad has been charged for 'excessive paddling.'

The man who started a chain of events that led to the injury of a Lockland police officer was sentenced in court today. Find out how long he will be behind bars.

The state of Ohio is threatening to take away the license of a bus company that services Cincinnati's schools.

An accused serial killer in Cleveland was in court today. Find out what happened. must-click of the day: Today is Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious about that? You're not alone. Get some facts about Friday the 13th that you never knew.

Today on the video page: An amazing performance by an 8-year-old singer, a teen is jailed over an alleged threat and then let go and another teen is charged and neighbors want a local hot spot cooled down.

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