Heroin cases on the rise in Butler County

By Tiffany Teasley  bio| email

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19)- It was a popular drug in 60's, but Heroin is back on the streets with a vengeance, and it's cheap.

"They've taken a substance called "cheese" and it's like $5 -- it's lunch money, and it's not to make a profit, it's to develop customers," said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

"Now we're seeing the resurgence of Heroin and trafficking of Heroin in Butler County," said Butler County Prosecutor Robin Piper.

Piper says the numbers tell the story, in 2007 his office saw 30 Heroin cases,  60 cases in 2008, and this year already, 120 cases.

"We're seeing different forms of it, and we're seeing it in a much larger volume," Piper said.

Jones says the problem originates from the Southern border of the country.

"The Chinese have moved their heroin trade to Mexico to begin with and it's coming from Mexico to the U.S. ," Jones said.

Butler County officials say the heightened amount of Heroin is causing an uptick in other crimes in the county.

"Thefts are up, burglaries are up, assaults are up," Jones said.

"To feed the Heroin daily habit they're committing other offenses,"

Butler County officials say most of the people arrested aren't U.S. citizens.

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