Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence tackles gun-related violence

By Dan Wells – email | bio

CINCINNATI (FOX19) –The Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) is a multi-agency and community collaborative effort initiated in 2007 designed to quickly and dramatically reduce gun-violence and associated homicides, with sustained reductions over time.

"Violence can no longer be tolerated in our city and neighborhood's it's always a shame to see somebody die and it has to come to a stop" says Clarence Williams of CIRV.

CIRV has responded to violence in the Queen City by uniting law enforcement with social service organizations and the faith based community, it's a partnership that began years ago and is utilized everyday on city streets.

"There are people dying because we don't know how to handle conflict or we choose another way to handle conflict and it very unfortunate" says Stan V. Ross of CIRV.

"It's becoming a norm for guys to carry guns and it's not a norm but for these guys that is the life they live and we give them alternatives to do something different with their life" says a CIRV member.

By using former felons, offenders and street smart individuals as outreach workers the organization provides outreach services to the most at risk people for being offenders or victims of gun violence.

"When we do outreach, we do mentoring , we do coaching and advocacy, we build relationships and the whole key about building relationships is to peel back the layers of behavior and understand someone's feelings and understand someone's attitude and understand a belief system of where that all comes from" says Ross.

Outreach workers distribute educational materials on gun violence but most importantly offer assistance to those who want to choose a different way of life.

For More Information
More information on how the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence operates can be downloaded here:
Implementation of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV):Year 1 Report  (Updated: April 14,2008)

Questions? Contact
Mr. S. Gregory Baker
CIRV Project Manager
Executive Manger of Community Relations, Cincinnati Police Department
Phone: 513.352.1223

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