Fatal shooting was caught on tape; police release more information

Randy Ward
Randy Ward
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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Police released more information Wednesday on the fatal shooting of a suspect.
Randy Ward, Jr. was shot and killed by police Tuesday after a routine traffic stop.
The situation all started when Ward was pulled over after he was making a right hand turn and cut off Cincinnati Police Officer Greg Toyeas.
Dash cam video shows Toyeas initiating the stop in the parking lot of the Kroger on Mitchell Ave. Ward failed to produce a drivers license, and the officer orders him to get out of the car. Ward then shows a gun as the officer withdraws and pulls out his gun, but does not fire. Ward then takes off running behind the Kroger.
Ward ran up a hill toward some railroad tracks, where he is spotted by two other officers. Sgt. William Watts fired two shots at Ward after he said Ward aimed a gun at him and Officer Jerome Enneking. Neither of Sgt. Watts' shots hit Ward.
Ward then continued over the railroad tracks and into the parking lot of a car wash, where there was heavy machinery. Ward pointed his gun at two men changing a tire, but did not fire at them, and jumps into a pick up truck.
Surveillance video at the car wash captured the turn of events.
While in the pickup truck, Ward is confronted by Officer Shyane Schneider, who was unaware that Ward was armed and Tasered him instead of pulling out her gun. Ward attempted to take off in the truck, but a hydraulic stabilizer prevented it from moving. Office Schneider Tasered Ward again, but again it does not stop him, and he pulls out his gun at her and fires three shots.
As he is firing, Officer Enneking and Officer Kevin Newman, a plain clothes officer, arrive at the scene get in a crossfire with Ward. Newman fired 13 shots and Enneking fired four. It's unclear how man shots hit Ward, but police say he was struck several times.
"Everything we see here is in compliance," said Police Chief Tom Streicher.
Police say Ward had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants and one traffic capias. He was currently on probation.
"The Cincinnati Police Department acted according to their training and the officers involved showed restraint," said Mayor Mark Mallory during the press conference. "There were many opportunities for Ward to surrender to Cincinnati Police and he did not."
Ward's family told police that he was going through a tough time.

"Why he ran with the warrants that he had, he wanted to die, he was going through a lot of turmoil," said his mother, Christel Johnson.

Officers say Ward's family has been "very, very understanding."

"I don't want to hear about how many times my baby was shot, I know he's dead," Johnson said through tears. "I don't know if he was just reaching out for help, but I know he didn't want to kill anybody, I know that with all my heart, I know my son."

"Is it terrible? It's horribly terrible," said Streicher. "It takes a toll on everyone involved. It takes a toll on our officers, but we realize it takes a toll on the family and that's why we reach out to them."

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