UC's Collaros gets another chance

Zach Collaros
Zach Collaros

Posted by Trina Edwards - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) – UC quarterback Zach Collaros was in court Thursday to answer to charges stemming from an arrest earlier this year.

Collaros was ordered to attend a diversion program after he was caught using a fake ID on May 5.

He never attended the program, and he had to give an explanation to Judge Bernie Bouchard in court on Thursday.

"Basically, your honor, Zach messed up," Collaros' attorney told the judge. "He should have followed up and he did not. He knows better. The last few weeks have been kind of crazy and he knows fully what he needs to do at this point."

Judge Bouchard gave Collaros another chance to attend the program.

"The court uses the diversion program for first time offenders like yourself as a chance to their from their mistakes," said Bouchard. "Blowing it off is not like blowing off math class."

Judge Bouchard said Collaros would only get once more chance to finish the program. He's facing 180 days in jail if he does not complete it.

"Use this as a life lesson and learn from it," Bouchard told Collaros. "Put this matter in your rearview mirror and move on with your life. You're not gonna get another chance."

A diversion report is scheduled for Dec. 7.

"This is not a matter of disrespect, just being irresponsible, which is unlike him," Collaros' attorney said. "I'm going to make sure he follows through and assure you it won't happen again."

Collaros admitted Oct. 5 to a charge of misrepresenting his age to obtain alcohol. He signed a statement of guilt, and was ordered to pay a $200 fine and attend the course.

UC spokesman Ryan Koslen declined comment Wednesday.

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