Collaros in Court

By Regina Russo

A Hamilton County judge warned University of Cincinnati quarterback Zach Collaros that he could be sitting in jail for 180 days instead of playing on the field this bowl season if he doesn't get into a diversion program for having a fake i.d. back in October.

Collaros through his attorney admitted that he "messed up" and should have followed up on the agreement.  Judge Bernie Bouchard said it was time for Collaros to grow up and get in the program or risk jail time.

Some University of Cincinnati students think the treatment of Collaros is heavy handed but they understand why. Andrew Winfree says, "Because you're a starting quarterback everything you do is going to be under scrutiny."

Judge Bouchard  told Collaros he's getting another chance and to sign up for the diversion program today and complete it by his next court date December 7th.