Unemployment rises as country adds more temporary positions

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19)  - Ohio's unemployment rate has gone up for the first time in 3 months to 10.5%, but there are some jobs out there. The bigger issue seems to be where folks are looking.

Jobless figures are partly based on a survey asking people if they are actively seeking work, and people are more likely to look, if they believe jobs are out there. FOX 19 spoke with several hiring agencies this week. They told us jobs are available, but they might not last long.

Phones ring at Assist Financial Group, LLC in West Chester. It's an unfamiliar sound in today's economy. It's the sound of a small business doing well.

"From a business partner point of view, {my business partner} said that while other companies were closing their doors," Appelfeller said. "Her business actually picked up 15%."

Flora Appelfeller helps run Assist Financial Group, LLC. The company offers a range of financial help; focusing on small business owners. Appelfeller said right now business is booming, and the company is looking to hire hundreds of people to merely spread the word.

"Tell a friend so one person tells another person," Appelfeller said. "Because I think it's easier for one person to say, 'Oh yeah, go check this out."

It's a part-time position that pays $6 per signed client. It's just one of thousands of companies now doing the same. While unemployment topped 10% nationwide last month, the country actually added 34,000 temporary jobs.

"A young lady that got let go at {General Electric} she's coming next week to apply for, she said, 'anything,'" Appelfeller said. "She said, 'anything!' And she's a civil engineer. Okay? That just comes to show how hard it is out there."

Temporary positions aren't a full-time fix, but Adecco Hiring Manager Robyn Riva said it's a step in the right direction. She added it's an idea that lately, Riva said, she has to remind many experienced workers.

"They've worked in these companies for many years," Riva said. "And now having to look for opportunities again that are on the entry level."

But with a little determination, both women say even a part-time job can lead to full-time work.

Employment agencies we spoke with this week said they're looking for people to work mainly in the manufacturing, finance, insurance and retail industries.

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