West Chester residents use professional trappers to catch coyotes

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email
WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - Coyotes continue to plague residents in West Chester, and even after several Township meetings it's a problem that doesn't seem to be going away, but many are taking matters into their own hands, hiring trappers to stop the predators.
"We actually saw more of the coyotes around in the neighborhood more rampantly in the last six weeks," said West Chester resident Jim Skeldon.
Skeldon has to keep a close eye on his dog Jackie, because he fears she'll be prey for coyotes, and he say many in his West Chester neighborhood are trying to tackle the problem themselves.
"Some of the neighbors have taken matters into their own hands to get a trapper and they're going to pay for that on their own because nobody else is stepping forward to do anything," Skeldon said.
"I'd say probably the coyote calls have increased over the last couple of years about 25 percent," said coyote trapper Russ Weis
"They main concern is people are concerned about their children and their pets," Weis said.
He uses different tools like snares and control sticks to trap coyotes in their tracks.
"Sometimes you just have to cycle through and use different traps until you find the right combination," Weis said.
Professional trappers say there are some preventative measures residents can take to curb the coyote problem.
"Make sure your garbage is sealed real well, you can make sure you have lots of lights," Weis said.
Precautions Skeldon is already taking.
"We have a garage light and we try to stay right with the dog, " Skeldon said.
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