Texting teens ruin "sweet sixteen" at mall club

FOREST PARK, OH (FOX19) - The general manager at Club Metropolis at Cincinnati Mall tells FOX19 that what was supposed to be a sweet sixteen party held in the club had to be canceled Tuesday night after other teens in the area spread text messages saying that the club was holding a free party for teens.

The club was in fact closed the public as it normally is on Tuesday, but a girl's family had rented it for a party that was expected to attract 80-100 friends and family.  The GM says a couple dozen teens showed up in the parking lot by about 7:30 p.m., refusing to leave even after they heard the club was closed, and swelled to about 400 people by the time the police forced them out of the area.

The GM speculated that some people putting out the texts might have been jealous that they weren't invited.

A check of the Metropolis website and of Google showed no advertisements on the web for any event at the club, but that didn't stop the crowd from showing up.  Many of the teens lingered in the area for some time after the lot near the club was cleared.  None of the teens ever got into the club.

The girl and her family were never able to start the party, and the club says they won't be charged rent, since the event was canceled through no fault of their own.

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