Black Friday Deals

By Regina Russo – bio | email

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - Not only will there be more shoppers pounding the pavement Friday, but here at Rookwood Commons and pavilion, stores open at 6:00am, the Gap at 5:00am, and Old Navy, 3:00 in the morning.

Tracy Nemenz, the Marketing Director for Rookwood Commons and Pavilion, says retailers are fighting to get a piece of the consumer's limited budget.

"Alot of pre-shopping going on. People are doing their research," she says.

Online, for instance shows you what the deals are, where they are, and who's matching the price. says it can show you how to buy Black Friday products online Thursday.

Dave Hatter of Libertas Technologies says that shopping online is safe if you stick with what you know.

"Big names like Walmart, Kmart, Target, names like that have been in business for a long time, and it's in their best interest to give you the highest level of security, " he says.

Retailers are betting that technology won't prevail over tradition.

"They want to feel merchandise, go out with the family, load up the trunk of your car with presents and wrap it up for Santa, still merit in that in this day and age, " says Tracy Nemenz.

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