Bomb connected to Russian derailment

UGLOVKA, Russia (AP)--

Russian officials opened a terrorism investigation Saturday, saying that a homemade bomb placed on the tracks of the high speed Moscow to St. Petersburg route caused a derailment that killed at least 26 people and injured dozens more.

The head of the Russia's federal security service, Alexander Borotnikov was quoted by the Interfaa and RIA Novosti news as saying that an improvised explosive device equivalent to 15 pounds (7 kilograms) of TNT had detonated when the train passed over it Friday right  about 9:30pm.  Remains of the device were found at the site of the crash, Bortonikov said the derailment of the upscale train which was popular with government officials and business executives would be Russia's deadliest terrorist strike outside the volatile North Caucasus region in years.

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