Western KY looking to save kilowatts

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (AP) - Western Kentucky University is hoping to apply last year's lessons to this year's winter break.

The Bowling Green Daily News reports that the school saved 1 million kilowatt hours by shutting down an extra week in the 2008-09 winter break.

The school won't be able to close the extra week this year, but university sustainability coordinator, Christian Ryan-Downing, says all faculty and staff members are asked to turn off and unplug appliances and computers in their offices, while things such as drinking fountains and vending machines will also be pulled from their power sources.

Like last year, buildings will see thermostats dropped to about 60 degrees, restaurant and catering departments are being asked to consolidate freezer space, and some parking lots will be lit less brightly, but still at safe levels.

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