Butler County saves money on road salt

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Butler County is getting a head start on prepping the roads for the snow and cold, and that preparation is paying off -- the trucks are ready, the salt is on standby, all that's missing is the snow.

"We're prepared, we're ready to go, we've got our barn stocked," said Butler County Engineer Greg Wilkens.

Wilkens say they already have 6500 tons of salt stockpiled that was purchased back in April, avoiding any potential shortages and to cash in on the lowest price possible.

"This year we went up even earlier than we did last year, we're sure that when we get out early we're saving a little bit because then the bidders come in a little more anxious to make a first sale," Wilkens said.

Compared to previous years where salt prices were skyrocketing, the city of Hamilton says they paid much less this year than expected.

"We were expecting to be significantly higher than last year, but it's actually just a few dollars more than it was last year, so we're right around $60 a ton this year," said Richard Engle, of Hamilton's Public Works Department.

It's low figure compared to reports of $100per ton -- Hamilton's salt budget is about $200,000  for the winter, they purchase salt jointly with the County and have 1400 tons on hand, Engle says getting the salt for a steal is mostly a deal for the community.

"It was beneficial for the residents to have the lower cost this year," Engle said.

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