Newt Gingrich announces his jobs plan in Cincinnati

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)  - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich visited Cincinnati to announce his plan to create what he calls "real jobs" for Americans.

His political organization called American Solutions is hosting a series of what they call "Real Jobs Forums." The first one kicked off Wednesday night in Cincinnati. Just one day before the President's jobs forum.

"We wanted to come to Cincinnati because it is a great town for job creation," Gingrich said Wednesday in an exclusive interview with Fox 19.

Many conservatives said President Barack Obama doesn't know how to create jobs. So Wednesday night, Gingrich's organization took matters into its own hands, and brought its solution straight to the people.

The town hall forum began with applause. Hundreds of people gave Gingrich a standing ovation as he walked to the podium. Many participants said they're looking for an answer to the country's economic crisis. Gingrich says he has one, and he's now taking his plan on the road. The Queen City is the first stop.

"Three out of four new jobs come from small businesses," Gingrich said. "And yet nobody in Washington right now on the Democratic side seems to be thinking about this. Fewer people in the Obama Administration have a private sector job creating background than any administration in American history."

Gingrich said that's why his organization is speaking out before the President does.

Gingrich said this is an extremely personal cause for him. He cited his grandchildren as his greatest motivation.

"In my case I have two grandchildren," Gingrich said. "Maggie is 10. Robert is eight. I want them when they grow up to be in the most productive, most creative, most prosperous country in the world."

Gingrich's plan includes several ideas, including:

1 - Reducing the business tax rate.

2- Creating incentives for small business investments.

3- Abolishing taxes on capital gains.

4- Reducing the business tax rate.

5- Abolishing the death tax.

6- Developing energy in America.

7- Continuing the tax cuts of 2001.

8- Not adopting any health care plan that would raise taxes or current costs.

9- And speaking with small business owners to develop ideas on how to create more jobs.

Gingrich's organization calls the current administration's approach all wrong; especially the big bailout bill.

"It's sort of like taking a pill for extra energy," Gingrich said. "And and all of the sudden when the pill wears off, you are actually (more tired) than you were to start with. And I think the government money in that sense doesn't create permanent, long-term jobs."

Some people came to the summit to share stories of success.

"I recently developed a 29-acre site at Red Bank and Madison Road," said local entrepreneur Raymond Schneider. "I believe I created 300 jobs for 2009-2010."

Schneider said he's now having a tough time expanding his businesses because banks won't give him a loan with a decent interest rate. During the forum, Schneider stood up and asked Gingrich for help. Gingrich told him to speak with one of his colleagues after the event.

Still, others came to ask for tangible help. One woman stood up and asked to connect with employers looking for employees. She said she's been searching for a job and doesn't know where else to turn for help.

And she wasn't alone. More than 500 people from across the Tri-State turned out to hear Gingrich's plan. Still, some local democratic leaders said this forum isn't at all about creating jobs.

"That's what possible presidential candidates do," said Hamilton County Democratic Party Executive Director Caleb Faux. "They go out and look for opportunities to get in front of cameras and just like this and support friends running for office so it's very possible that's why he's here."

Gingrich did tell Fox 19 he hasn't ruled out a 2012 bid for the White House, but right now, he says his focus is on helping Americans.

"We're going to continue to develop new ideas through 2010," Gingrich said. "And then around February 2011 that's when I'll have to sit down and make a very difficult decision."

Gingrich heads to Jackson, MS on Thursday for another summit.

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