Winton Woods Fans Watch Their Championship Win On TV

By Stefano DiPietrantonio

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - For the parents and fans of the Winton Woods Warriors that couldn't make the trip north to Massillon, there was still a way to get to their game on.

FOX 19 traveled north to Greenhills, where the "Cincy Grill," had the game on all of their big screens throughout the restaurant, so nobody had to miss a single play of this championship game.

"He says it's the running backs," laughed Diana Behrendt who was there supporting her hometown team and pointing to her husband, Jeff, who she said had a better handle on the team's strength's this year.

"Definitely their running game," said Jeff Behrendt. "They've got some really outstanding athletes at the running back positions, they're just very exciting to watch."

Most of the Winton Woods fans FOX 19 spoke with at the "Cincy Grill" in Greenhills said the Warrior's strength is all in their running game.

The Behrendt family's kids aren't even students yet at Winton Woods, but they are in the same district, so while chowing-down on some serious nachos, they cheered-on their home team, on TV.

"I really expect to see some of those kids playing football for a long time, maybe even on a professional level they're that good," Jeff Behrendt said.

"I think they just got the drive they want the win, they're a great team, they wanna get out there, do the job and get it done," said Diana Behrendt.

"Their running game is really tremendous, like the last game they were in they had 645 yards rushing which is pretty amazing," said Brian Sempsrott.

Not only is he cheering on the players, but his son, who is also on the field.

"My son's in the band," Sempsrott said. "He's a freshman this year, he was all excited because they got to take coach buses down there and they pulled up and he said wow, we got the nice buses!"

Those big coach buses are expected to bring the team and the band back around two Saturday morning.

Winton Woods beat Maple Heights 42-12. Most people FOX19 spoke with said the Warriors games all season had seen similar blowout scores and this was no different. Both the team and the band will be returning home happy state champions.

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