Midday Update

 Good afternoon! Here is your midday update from

Hold on to your hats today! It's windy. We are chatting LIVE on on the weather.

Also, we have tips on how to prepare for the windstorm (especially if the power goes out!) and information on those power outages.

The storm is much worse north of here. Get the latest from the Midwest and northeast.

In other headlines today...

A Clermont County youth minister is behind bars after being accused of a sexual battery against a 15-year-old girl.

A House subcommittee has voted on a bill that would change college football's postseason to a playoff system instead of the BCS.

Police have released yesterday's 911 call from Tiger Woods' home. Click here for more information.

A HUGE oops from the TSA: Sensitive security information was accidentally posted yesterday on the web. must-click of the day: A library book is finally returned - after 60 years!

Today on the video page: Chad Ochocinco made a surprise visit to FOX19 yesterday, so we sat down with him for a chat.

You can stay up to date with the latest weather conditions on our weather page.


Right Now: WINDS Continue to Increase, Gusts Over 40mph and Sustained Near 30 mph

Early Afternoon: Temps Falling Into 30's, Light Rain Changes to Light Snow,  Winds 30 to 40mph, Stronger Gusts Possible, Rain Tapers

After 2pm: Winds Continue To Gust Upwards of 55mph, Temperatures Falling Through 30's, Some Light Snow By PM Rush.

PM Rush: Gusty, Temperatures Near 28 Degrees, Light Snow Possible, Wind Chill Factor Near Zero

Tonight: Precip Tapers, Gusty Winds Continue With Temperatures Into The Upper Teens and Wind Chills Near Zero


FOX19 Meteorologist Frank Marzullo

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