Four murders In four days in Greater Cincinnati

Victim: Antonio Ward (Source Cincinnati Police)
Victim: Antonio Ward (Source Cincinnati Police)

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Four murders in four days. The latest was a man shot and killed in a parking lot behind a barber shop in East Westwood. That brings the total to 60 murders in Cincinnati in 2009 so far.

The recent string started Sunday, Dec. 6 in Northside, where 22-year-old Kaniesha Danger field was found shot to death in her car. Leetae Williams was the prime suspect in that murder. He shot and killed himself Sunday night.

Murder number two was on Monday, Dec. 7 in Evanston. 27-year-old Larry Anderson was shot several times and left dead in the street. There are no suspects yet in Anderson's murder.

Tuesday,Dec. 8 marked murder number three, in Avondale. Fredrick McClain, 23, was shot and killed and also, there are no suspects.

That brings us up to Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 9, where 33-year-old Antonio Ward was gunned-down in a parking lot in East Westwood.

Ward's uncle who says his family wants justice.

"It's senseless," said Tyrone Johnson. "He wasn't no bad guy, he was not involved in drugs or nothing like that."

Less than 24 hours ago, Ward's uncle, Tyrone Johnson, was talking with his nephew, whom he did not want to identify until the rest of his family had been told the grim news.

"I felt sorry because he's my oldest nephew and I was with him yesterday."

Johnson said his nephew was worried how he was going to afford toys for Christmas, as a single father raising several kids.

"He come back here took all his kids to the barber shop," Johnson said. "Brought all his sons to the barber shop."

Johnson walked up as the coroner took away his nephew's body. He was killed in the parking lot behind the, "Native Blenz," barber shop in East Westwood, in the middle of a busy afternoon.

"Well, obviously, I mean, the police department is not happy about the fact that this is occurring in broad daylight," said Cincinnati Police Department Public Information Officer, Sergeant Danita Kilgore.

And it happened dangerously close to a daycare center. Police say by the time they got to the scene, just minutes after a 911 call, there were no kids coming out of the daycare center, which sits right next door to the barber shop.

Neighbors and relatives stood crying across the street, unable to believe he was dead.

"He drove a nice truck and took care of all his kids, he looked nice and everything," Johnson said.

But, his uncle said, his nephew was struggling like the rest of us these days. Johnson says whoever killed his relative, was desperate for money and most likely mistook his nephew's outward appearance, as someone who had money.

"Yeh," Johnson said. "He had a little money on him like 20 or 40 dollars, it don't make sense ya' know? Whoever killed him I guarantee every time you show up in court I will be there and make sure you get the full of justice and more, we want justice, we ain't gonna lay back."

Cincinnati Police say they are looking for two men who were seen speeding away from the crime scene in a blue Lincoln with a ragtop. That is all they have to go on for the moment.

If you have any information, call CrimeStoppers at 513-352-3040. You can remain anonymous.

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