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Brian Kelly Leaves UC: The Fallout Day Two

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - FOX19 went up to UC Friday, for day-two reaction from students and fans, still heart-broken and shaken by kelly's abrupt departure. The post-Kelly fallout is evident.

There were mostly ugly comments, butKelly's "thanks and good lucks", to the now embattled coach. FOX19 also learned of a local father, who's son is at UC. Rob Hoffman created a new line of t-shirts that are sure to make headlines.

(We should warn you some of the content in the video version of this story may not be suitable for our younger viewers.)

Hoffman said, "nothing, not even Brian Kelley, should overshadow this team and a historic game."

Some of the people we interviewed were downright nice, even mannerly toward wishing their former coach well.

"I wish him the best in pursuing his dream," said one woman.

"It's sad but it's good for him," said a freshman at UC. "He's done a lot for this program already."

"I'm of the belief that you know it's his dream job," one man said, "So i say follow his dream, he was given the opportunity, go ahead and take it."

Others had some flatIout mad criticisms for the coach, for his abandonment of his contract and his team.

"If he believed in our school and he believed in our boys like he said he did," claimed one woman, "Then he should have stayed with us."

"It's pretty crappy that he left right before the Sugar Bowl," said a UC Junior. "But we're about to win anyway, so we'll show 'em."

"We're still going all the way" is the rallying slogan around a controversial brand of t-shirts and hoodies about to flood the UC campus Monday, with an interesting, some might say, goodwill acronym, FUBK.

Could it stand for, "Fantastic Under Burger King", or "Forever United British Knights"? Or maybe "Finally Unbelievable Ballet Kicks". Not sure what all this has to do with Brian Kelly. Maybe you can decipher it better?

"He kinda just left us out to hang to dry," said one angry UC student.

This latest Kelly backlash is the wearable brainchild of Rob Hoffman who told FOX19, the orders are flying in but even he can't get his hands on a prototype until Monday, December 14th.

"He's pretty much just bailing out on us," said another angry UC student. "Everyone was pretty mad. That's terrible, a bad decision for him."

So what are disgruntled Bearcat fans supposed to do now? Grin and wear it.

The t-shirts creator Rob Hoffman told FOX19, this is not about one man, it's about an entire team and the team will be just fine.

Hoffman said he hopes his shirts will inspire students to push forward and support the team through the Sugar Bowl.

Hoffman is donating one dollar from every sale to the Salvation Army.

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